Take Control of Your RA with Vectra and Know Your Vectra Cardiovascular Risk

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Vectra® is excited to announce the new Vectra Cardiovascular Risk Result! 

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) inflammation affects more than just your joints—it affects your whole body, including your heart and arteries. People with RA are at a 50% higher risk of a cardiovascular (CV) event than the general population.  Current CV assessments treat all patients with RA the same, regardless of levels of inflammation and current disease activity and tend to underestimate CV risk.

That’s why Vectra Cardiovascular Risk was developed. Vectra Cardiovascular Risk provides you with your personalized 3-year risk of having a CV event, such as a heart attack or stroke.

Vectra Cardiovascular Risk is based on your:

  • Vectra Score
  • 3 Biomarkers
  • Age
  • Clinical History

Vectra Cardiovascular Report Sample

Controlling RA inflammation is an important factor in reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. Lower RA disease activity has been linked to fewer CV events.

Watch this video, Navigating RA with Vectra, to learn more.

Monitoring and controlling your RA inflammation should be a factor in reducing your CV risk. Talk to your doctor to see if Vectra Cardiovascular Risk is right for you.



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