Supporting Patients Striving to Make A Difference

Being a college student is hard. Managing the workload, figuring out how to pay for courses, and – if you’re a young student – taking on some of the tasks of adult life for the first time. As a parent, you want to help them in any way you can to make that transition easier. I know that I’m already thinking about how I will help my own kids when they are ready.

That’s why I continue to be impressed when I meet RA patients who are navigating those challenges, either for themselves as young adults with RA, or as parents raising their children on top of managing their disease. I admire these young adults who must cope with their disease just as they are embarking on a new life; I admire the parents, who persist against this disease to be there for their children, and I admire their children who understand the need to step up to the plate to help their parents on a daily basis.

So when Crescendo Biosciences had the opportunity to support the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF) Scholarship Program, we jumped at the chance. The Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to students whose lives have been affected by rheumatoid disease through their own diagnosis or a parent’s.

The idea is to provide support to those who have been impacted by the disease, recognizing the financial strain and career challenges that RA can place on a family. The Program is open to young students as well as to those who may find themselves back in school to re-tool careers when RA makes it difficult to continue in their current career. We were thrilled that RPF expanded the program to double the number of scholarships available this year.

Dana Symons, who administers the Scholarship Program for RPF told me, “It is so moving to read the essays and to share the stories of people whose lives have been impacted by RA. It’s even more touching when you realize that many students are planning to take career paths related to healthcare or RA specifically because they want to impact the lives of other patients.”

You can read stories of past winners by clicking these links:

2016 winners:

2015 winners:

I’m so thrilled that we were presented with the opportunity to sponsor the RPF Scholarship Program. I’ve blogged previously about how important the patient is to us at Crescendo Biosciences. Supporting the RPF Scholarship Program is one way we are able to help RA patients beyond our work providing disease activity scores with the Vectra test.

Click here for information about how to apply, and here to access RPF’s blog announcement.

Living with RA is not easy at any age. Let’s applaud those students who are pressing forward to make a difference. Also, let’s say thank you to RPF for making this scholarship program available.

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