Getting Together: Crescendo’s Patient Ambassador Meeting in Tampa

Many Vectra Voice readers know about our Patient Ambassador program and have met some of our Ambassadors through blog posts or social media. We started the Patient Ambassador program four years ago as a way of staying better connected with patients and keeping channels of communications open.

This year, for the first time, we brought our entire group of Ambassadors together for a day of meetings in Tampa, Florida. During this time, we had the chance to build even deeper connections, to hear more about patients’ experiences with RA and with our Vectra product and to share a variety of perspectives with our Ambassadors as well. Our agenda included talks with a rheumatologist, a Clinical Rheumatology Liaison and the founder of an RA patient organization.

VectraDA Ambassadors meeting in Florida

We were blown away by these speakers and the amazing things they had to say and thought it would be great to share their perspectives with our entire community. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll share with you all the goodness from our meeting through blog posts from those talks and other parts of the meeting. We can’t wait to hear what you think! But first…


Our Tampa meetings took place just in time to kick off Arthritis Awareness Month! Each year, May is set aside to recognize the toll that arthritis takes on Americans across the country. Crescendo Bioscience, the Arthritis Foundation, and many other organizations take extra steps to raise awareness for arthritis and raise funds to support ongoing research.

Awareness and research are dear to the heart of our first speaker, the RA Warrior, Kelly Young, founder of the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation. Many of our patients follow Kelly because of her frank and informative blog about RA, aimed toward equipping and encouraging patients. With humor and facts, Kelly shared 9 reasons why there can be discordance between doctors and patients on disease activity as well as 10 myths about RA. Kelly recently released her book, Rheumatoid Arthritis Unmasked, in a paperback version and she was kind enough to sign copies for our Ambassadors. Check the Vectra Voice later this summer for more info on the session with Kelly.

In a different session, our Ambassadors shared with each other how they are raising awareness this month by participating in their local Walk to Cure Arthritis fundraisers taking place in May and June across the country – and they are planning to show up in force. Several of our Ambassadors have put together entire teams composed of friends and family members and are looking to make a real impact at their local walks! We’re thrilled at what they are doing to advance awareness and research for the entire RA community.

If you know our Ambassadors even a little, you’ll know they are not going to do this quietly! Check out the Vectra and Crescendo Bioscience Facebook pages, as well as the Vectra and Crescendo Bioscience twitter, feeds to see our Ambassadors in action.

If you are connected with any of our Ambassadors or follow us on social channels, you may have seen our digital frame for raising awareness this month. It’s an overlay on your profile picture and encourages RA patients to “Know Your Score!” Anybody can use this frame with a simple click of this link, so please feel free to help raise awareness for this condition with this simple frame!

Kudos to our Ambassadors and to every RA patient who fights the good fight and continues #RedefiningRA for themselves and future generations. We couldn’t be more proud to stand together with you.

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