Your personalized Vectra Score

Vectra Score

Your personalized Vectra Score is reported as a number on a scale from 1 – 100. Your Vectra score will be color coded, based on the level of disease activity and inflammation, and will fall into low, moderate or high.

Vectra Score
(1 - 29)

A Vectra Score in the low category means that your RA disease activity and inflammation is low. Generally, this means your RA is being well controlled by your current treatment plan.

Vectra Score
(30 - 44)

A Vectra Score in the moderate category means that your RA disease activity and inflammation is not fully controlled, but is not as concerning as a score in the high disease activity category.

Vectra Score
(45 - 100)

A Vectra Score in the high category means that your RA disease activity and inflammation is high and could suggest that your RA may not be responding to your current treatment. Vectra scores in the high disease activity category are known to be associated with a higher risk of permanent joint damage.

Your Risk of Radiographic Progression

Radiographic progression is the visible effects of joint damage and deterioration that may be observed on X-ray. Your Vectra Score correlates to your risk of radiographic progression, the higher your Vectra Score, the higher your risk for rapid radiographic progression over the next 1-year.

Vectra score risk of rapid rp
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Vectra Report Highlights
  • Personalized insights that helps guide medical management decisions
  • Risk of rapid radiographic progression within one year
  • Knowing the minimally important difference (MID) of change in Vectra Score can guide treatment decisions
  • Scores over time are presented in one easy-to-read graph
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Online Patient Portal

Online Patient Portal

All current and future Vectra scores can be accessed on the patient portal, myVectra. Once you sign up, complete the form to create your profile. Vectra scores will appear in myVectra two weeks after the test has been analyzed and reported. If you already have a Vectra score, after creating your account, log out and then back in to see your result. If there are any issues with creating an account, call Vectra Customer Service for assistance.

myVectra App

myVectra App

You may also access your score through the free myVectra application (app) by linking your myVectra portal login to the app. The myVectra app allows you to track your RA symptoms, create visual snapshots and log other tests you may take. Capture all your symptoms in the app then download a PDF summary to take to your next rheumatologist appointment.

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Request Results Directly From Vectra

Request a copy of your Vectra Score here: Vectra Results. Results are available approximately 14 days from when the sample was received.

Your Doctor’s Office

Your Doctor’s Office

Contact your rheumatologist’s office to request a copy of your results. Results of your Vectra test are sent to your rheumatologist approximately 5 to 7 days after your blood sample has been received.

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VectraView is an online analytical tool that enables clinicians to draw insights from Vectra results at the individual patient or practice level.

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