About the Test
Vectra measures rheumatoid arthritis inflammation

The Vectra test is an advanced blood test that objectively measures inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA inflammation can cause pain, irreversible joint damage and damage to organs, like the heart and put you at risk for cardiovascular disease.

By using Vectra over time, your scores reveal how well your current treatment plan is controlling inflammation.

Talk to your doctor
Start the conversation on the right foot

Your discussion about Vectra with your doctor

Review the steps below to help prepare for a discussion with your doctor.

  • Talk with your doctor about how objectively measuring RA disease activity with Vectra can help in the management of your rheumatoid arthritis
  • Work with your doctor to schedule your Vectra test
  • Discuss your Vectra test results with your doctor to determine if your current treatment plan is working
  • Vectra scores over time can help  you and your doctor evaluate how well your current treatment plan is working

How Vectra Helped Stephanie

Connie’s Experience with Vectra

How can Vectra® help you and your doctor manage your RA?

The more you and your doctor know about your rheumatoid arthritis, the better you can manage it.

  • Your Vectra Score can help you and your doctor communicate about your RA and treatment goals
  • Using a molecular assessment, along with assessments by you and your doctor, can provide the most complete view of your RA inflammation
  • Vectra can also help predict your risk of future joint damage
Find a Provider

We have compiled a directory of healthcare providers who have experience with the Vectra test. The directory was created to help you find a provider in your area that uses the Vectra test when treating rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Contact us for assistance.

How to take the test

Step 1

Your doctor orders a Vectra test for you

Step 2

One tube of blood is collected at your doctor’s office, a local lab, a LabCorp® patient service center, or your home by a certified professional

Step 3

Your blood sample is sent to our lab for analysis

Step 4

Your doctor receives your Vectra test report in approximately 5-7 calendar days

Step 5

Access your test result and see your score at VectraScore.com or at your next doctor appointment

Vectra Voice

Learn more about living with RA and how to stay healthy with articles and resources on the Vectra Voice blog.

for the newly TESTed
Learn More About Your Vectra Molecular Result

Take a deeper look at your Vectra test results with the post-test patient education tool.

The Patient Guide
RA patient brochure

The more you and your doctor know about your RA, the better you can manage it. Learn more in our patient brochure.


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