Making It Easier for RA Patients to Find Doctors Who Use Vectra

Vectra helping RA Patients Find Doctors

Since launching in 2010, Vectra has been validated both through ongoing scientific research as well as the feedback we hear from patients who feel and see the real difference an objective disease activity score can make in improving and managing their RA treatment regimens. Despite this validation, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a doctor who offers Vectra as part of their practice. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you our “Find a Vectra Healthcare Provider” digital tool, which you can now find on our Vectra website.

The physician finder tool compiles a directory of healthcare providers who have ordered Vectra tests within the last six months. The tool enables you to enter any ZIP code or use location services to identify the eight closest physicians who have ordered Vectra during a recent period of time. We’ll continue to update the list of providers on a quarterly basis. It’s important to know that we aren’t endorsing any of these physicians or their treatment plans; we are just letting you know that they know about and recently have used Vectra in their practices.

We developed this tool as a result of conversations with many of our patients. We’ve heard from patients who want to know more about Vectra, but whose physicians weren’t familiar with the test. Other stories we’ve heard have to do with patients switching doctors – perhaps due to a move, a change in insurance or other reasons – and the new doctor doesn’t use Vectra to monitor disease activity.

Whenever we have a patient request information on physicians in their area who use Vectra, we’ve always made our best effort to help them out. However, we thought we could make it a whole lot easier for everybody – and possibly reach those patients whose stories we never hear – if we just made that information easily available online.

Most of you reading this blog are aware of the benefits of Vectra. The physician-ordered blood test results in a single disease activity score based upon readings from 12 biomarkers known to be active in rheumatoid arthritis disease. Higher numbers result when the disease is more active. Physicians typically use our test to assess whether a treatment plan is working and to determine if they need to make a change of course in the treatment plan. If you’d like to learn more about the test, feel free to click here for more specific information.

We continue to work with researchers around the world to gain an even deeper understanding of the information provided by the Vectra test. Recently data became available showing that a disease activity score that changes by 8 points or more from the patient’s previous assessment is a “Minimally Important Difference.” As you might suspect, that means that the change in score is statistically significant and may warrant a change in treatment plan.

Here at Myriad Genetics, the patient really is at the center of all we do. Whenever possible, we love to take steps that make things a little easier for you. If your doctor uses Vectra, check out the tool to see if they are listed. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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