Minimize the Need for In-Office Visits

Vectra is being utilized by some rheumatologists as a tool to assess disease activity remotely in order to minimize the need for in-office visits. Vectra can help risk assess patients for control of their disease and monitor if drug therapy changes are needed. This approach to managing patients remotely to minimize exposure may be helpful to you in your practice.

Vectra is an advanced blood test that simultaneously measures 12 biomarkers and produces a personalized score that places a patient’s RA disease activity into a low, moderate, or high range. The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) included MBDA (Vectra) as a disease activity measure that can be used in routine clinical practice in the 2019 updated disease activity recommendations.1

Vectra is a valued disease activity measure and a useful tool in helping estimation of disease activity and prognosis for progression of joint damage. Vectra can be used as a tool to help sort out discordance when patients and providers differ in their global assessments.2

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Using the Vectra Test Results in Telemedicine Visits

Physicians and patients are increasingly and successfully using telemedicine to prevent patients from coming into the office, especially during times when it is necessary to minimize risk of transmission. Physicians and patients can share information in real time from one computer screen to another. Challenges that may be presented with a telemedicine visit include the inability to screen patients through touch, ultrasound, MRI, or x-ray.

Use Vectra to help guide medical management decisions and engage with patients via telemedicine. Vectra provides a score between 1 and 100 to categorize RA disease activity into a low, moderate, or high category to help guide medical management decisions. During a telemedicine visit discussion, the Vectra result can help inform you of the level of your patients’ RA disease activity. This information can help you and your patient determine if an in-person visit is required, if a change in therapy is needed, or if the patient needs to be managed differently due to high disease activity. You can also use Vectra to help determine if a patient’s disease is under control, even when the patient may be communicating differently, all via telemedicine visits.

Vectra can help you develop a patient priority plan for your office by identifying RA patients that need to have an in-office visit and those who can be best served with telemedicine. Determine the type of visit and frequency of visits based on the patient’s Vectra Score.

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Using Vectra to Evaluate if the Treatment is Working

Vectra can be used to help inform the success of treatment when Vectra scores are tracked over time or to know if a patient has reached low disease activity with their treatment therapy. A change in the Vectra score of 8 or more units reflects a meaningful change and may be considered a tool, combined with your clinical assessment, to optimize drug therapy decision making.

Evaluate the success of controlling RA inflammation by using Vectra at initiation of treatment, change in drug treatment, or to monitor response to therapy.

Phlebotomy Options for Ordering Vectra
There are several options available for blood draw services outside of a physician’s office. Vectra Customer Service team can assist by:
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Coordinating with your in-office phlebotomist
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Identifying 3rd party laboratory locations that draw blood for Vectra testing
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Scheduling in-office mobile phlebotomy for specific days of the week
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Scheduling mobile phlebotomy visits to a patient’s home*

* Reminder:Mobile phlebotomists provided by Myriad can only draw and process Vectra.

Preparing the Patient for a Telemedicine Visit
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Successful telemedicine visits can be easy to achieve if you have prepared and set appropriate expectations with your patients.

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