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Vectra, used with provider and patient assessments, helps guide better patient outcomes

Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic disease that can be difficult to manage. Add an objective measure to your assessment with Vectra. Vectra provides a personalized score by measuring 12 biomarkers and incorporating information on age, gender and adiposity to measure your patient’s RA inflammation and predict their risk of radiographic progression.

Using Vectra to help guide clinical decision making

Vectra: Unsurpassed Predictor of Radiographic Progression

Up to 42% of patients thought to be in low or moderate disease activity were in high when measured by Vectra and at risk for joint damage. Vectra helps you identify risk so you can take action earlier.

Manage RA Inflammation

Evaluate the success of controlling inflammation by using Vectra and monitoring the scores overtime.

Vectra Enhanced Care

An evaluation that combines the molecular measures of biomarkers with the patient and rheumatologist assessments provides the most comprehensive approach to inform treatment decisions.

The Science of Vectra

Enhanced Vectra

Vectra now accounts for age, gender and adiposity for a more personalized score.

Help Improve Outcomes

Vectra is the best predictor of future joint damage. The Adjusted Vectra Score was validated in four cohorts combined as a superior prognostic of radiographic progression, compared with conventional measures.

Manage to Goal

Vectra can inform the success of treatment when scores are tracked over time. A change in 8 or more reflects a meaningful change and may be considered a tool, combined with your clinical assessment, to optimize treatment decision-making.

Rheumatologists Use Vectra to Inform Treatment Decisions

Evaluate the success of controlling RA inflammation by using Vectra at initiation of treatment, change in drug treatment or to monitor response to therapy.

Vectra Report: A Personalized Precision Tool
The Vectra Report gives a molecular assessment of RA disease. Vectra demonstrates its unsurpassed ability to predict radiographic progression as a personalized inflammatory measure for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Vectra is a validated, advanced blood test performed by a CLIA-certified laboratory.

Vectra Test Description

Vectra simultaneously measures 12 biomarkers implicated in key pathways of rheumatoid arthritis. Vectra provides an objective, more comprehensive measure of RA inflammation than any single biomarker.

When to Order a Vectra Test

Ensure success of controlling rheumatoid arthritis inflammation by ordering Vectra at initial visit, when changing drug therapy, and to monitor response to therapy.

Treatment Guidance

Vectra, when used with provider assessment may guide personalized medical management decisions to improve outcomes. Vectra scores over time inform the success of treatment and the impact of therapy on disease control.

How to view reports

View reports using VectraView, our online analytical tool that enables providers to draw insights from their Vectra results at the individual patient or practice level. Providers can order, review, and analyze results using VectraView.

Phlebotomy Options

Phlebotomists can draw and prepare specimen for shipping using provided kits. No reimbursement will be made for specimens collected via in-office phlebotomists

Contracted 3rd Party Laboratory Services

We work with 3rd party laboratories (e.g. LabCorp) to make Vectra easily accessible for patients

Contact Vectra Customer Service, 1-877-743-8639, to request one or more of the following: a customized Test Requisition Form (TRF), a Vectra Specimen Processing Kit with a pre-paid return label, or for assistance locating a contracted 3rd party laboratory service.

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Learn more about Vectra and how it can help improve patient and provider decisions.

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