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  • I’m 68 years old and very interested in Vectra. I’ve been working toward definitive diagnoses for about 7 years, and through the tests that were done, we discovered the following: I have the HLA b27 gene, plus 1 sister with Ankylosing Spondylitis which my doctor thought I had, I’ve got intermittent recurring mouth/nose/genital leisions, but the labial excision test for Sjogren’s was not 100% either. Ridging of the nails plus a small patch of Psoriasis on the scalp, indicate Psoriatic Arthritis, but results are not 100%. My Rheumatologist has vocalized Behcet’s, and, in this last visit, newly thought CPPD from the joint swelling suddenly increasing. I certainly feel at times like I’m carrying them all together. Then I have (rare) days of near normalcy — pre-diagnosis days. Jumping from one Rx to another and another, it’s getting too costly, and taking too long to hit on the exact treatment that I need! I’d love to get back into my garden, going for walks, or cleaning my house!!

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