Bringing My Game Face to RA

People who know me well (and even some who don’t) have no qualms commenting on my competitive nature. So it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I started working in the video game industry.

What isn’t as well known about me is that some of my close friends and family members have autoimmune diseases. Throughout my life, I’ve seen how autoimmune disease can impact a person and their loved ones. So when the opportunity at Crescendo Bioscience arose, I was really excited to go “on a mission” to help patients. I saw a lot of parallels between video games and what I’m doing at Crescendo:

  • Timing: In the gaming world, it’s all about getting the right information to people at the right time. It’s the same with RA, and the Vectra test is an important tool in making that happen, particularly when it’s executed at the right time, as Kari Kalgren highlighted in our last blog.
  • Focus: In many ways, people who have an autoimmune disease like RA, are also on a mission – they take on the mindset of being their own medical investigators. We hear from a lot of patients about changes in thinking that keep them focused on what’s important.
  • Embracing the unknown: RA patients don’t always know what’s coming next. They have to figure out what’s going on with their bodies. Vectra is like a status bar that gives them a window into the unknown. It helps to make an invisible disease visible, and that’s what I love about it.

I am so excited to be part of the Crescendo team and am ready to rock this role, helping to equip our patients and customers with the information they need through digital strategies. I’m hoping I can get to know many of you! Let’s go on this mission together!

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