The Crescendo Bioscience Lab: Behind Every Test is a Patient

Working in the Crescendo Bioscience lab is a real honor. In the lab, we assess Vectra blood test samples so that we can provide patients and their doctors with disease activity scores. I joined the company before the Vectra lab test for RA was even available to patients. At that time, we were validating methods. So it was really exciting when at last we were able to offer the Vectra test to patients.

It’s been incredible to see us grow. On October 2, 2010, the day after Vectra launched commercially, we received our first two samples. There were five of us who worked in the lab back then. Now we process hundreds of Vectra blood tests each day and have lab staff of nearly 20 people!


Vectra lab team

As the lead Senior CLS, one of my main jobs is making sure that reports are released on time. Getting timely results is so important for patients. We try to keep turnaround times as short as possible because we know that patients are waiting for their disease activity score. Since we first started, we have automated many processes. We have in-house engineers to help resolve issues as they come up. This helps us keep our quality standards high as we process more and more samples.

Every sample reflects a unique patient. At the same time, each sample goes through a set process. When the Vectra test sample arrives at Crescendo, even before it gets to us, it is logged and labeled by our shipping group. We have tight controls to make sure that we get the right RA test result to the right patient. When the sample comes up to the lab, our clinical lab assistants (CLAs) enter it into our system and make sure we have all the data we need. We use two identifiers to make sure the specimen and all of the patient data match.

Vectra lab sample

After the paperwork is done, our CLAs prepare the sample. After that, we test it. The process takes some time, and we run multiple batches of samples per day. After the sample has gone through the testing process, CLSs assess the results and create a report. Our customer service group can then fax the Vectra results to doctors. The VectraView portal gives doctors online access to their patients’ scores and other helpful tools. I serve as Clinical Lab Liaison to our Customer Service and Software groups. I help to maintain a good workflow between our groups.

Fe Mallari Vectra lab results

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