Simple Billing, No Surprises

Due to insurance coverage and our Vectra
CARE financial assistance plan:


If the out of pocket is estimated to be more than $90, Vectra Customer Service will call you before running the test.

Over 95% of patients owe
or less
Up to 70% of patients owe
Apply for Financial Assistance

Our goal is to ensure that cost is not a barrier for anyone with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who needs a Vectra test. The Vectra Financial Assistance CARE Team will work with your insurance provider to help you get the appropriate coverage. Payment plans and financial assistance are available to you through the CARE program.

CARE Vectra Financial Assistance Program

If you encounter ANY financial hardship associated with your bill, the Vectra team will work directly with you toward your complete satisfaction.

What you need to know about Vectra coverage:

Medicare & Medicaid Coverage
The Medicare program fully covers Vectra twice a year.

Medicare and Medicaid patients have no out-of-pocket patient responsiblity. *

*Medicare Advantage plans may require a copay or deductible

Private Insurance
Private insurance plans vary from fully covering the Vectra test to requiring copays of various levels

Out of Pocket Assistance
If you can not afford your copay, you can apply for assistance with the CARE program

If you are uninsured, you may apply for assistance with the CARE program

Out-of-Pocket Cost
If out-of-pocket cost is estimated to be more than $90, Vectra Customer Service will call you before running the test

Call us if you have any
questions about billing
or affordability
of your Vectra test.


Vectra Care Financial Assistance

We are committed to helping all rheumatoid arthritis patients to have access to Vectra testing to help guide their treatment. We encourage patients to apply for Vectra CARE Financial Assistance.

Vectra Care Financial Assistance Income Guidelines
Patients who are at or below 4x the federal poverty limit may qualify.

INCOME (example based on household of four) PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY
0-2x federal poverty limit:
less than $53,000
2-3x federal poverty limit:
$53,001 - $79,500
4x federal poverty limit:
$79,501 - $106,000
CARE Brochure

Download the
CARE brochure
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Benefits and Billing

Check Benefits

Check Benefits Step 1

Step 1

Lab receives sample.

Check Benefits Step 2

Step 2

Lab confirms patient coverage and estimated out-of-pocket costs.

Check Benefits Step 3

Step 3

Lab calls patient if estimated out-of-pocket cost exceeds $90, before processing test.

Check Benefits Step 4

Step 4

Lab checks patient’s eligibility and applies financial assistance.

Billing Step 1

Step 1

Lab submits claim to insurer.

Billing Step 2

Step 2

Insurer will send Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to the patient. This is not a bill.

Billing Step 3

Step 3

Lab sends bill to patient, if there is any financial responsibility. If you have concerns about your bill, contact Customer Service at


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